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The team that will drive your business forward

We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, just like the horses that can pull four times their weight when trained together. At Cavvy Capital, we strive to work together as a team of creative and professional experts, to achieve greater success for our investors and portfolio companies.

This is our approach




Our story

A single draft horse is able pull to 8,000 pounds on its own. If you add another horse, you would think it would double the weight the two horses are able to pull; however, two horses are able to pull 24,000 pounds. If the horses are trained together, then the horses are actually able to pull 32,000 pounds or 4x the amount of one horse alone.

This concept rings true for Cavvy Capital. We are a group that strives to work together as trained professionals to help achieve greater results together.

Meet The Team

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