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At Cavvy Capital, we take a unique approach to partnership that sets us apart  from traditional private equity firms and corporate America. We believe in the value of long-term thinking, patience, and building for the future. This commitment to enduring growth and stability is reflected in our approach to every partnership we form, as we prioritize the needs of your business, legacy, and employees above all else. 


We are committed to bring a true partner to business owners, management teams and employees. Our strategic focus is centered around a patient, intentional approach that recognizes the unique needs and goals of each company. With deep business experience and a network of exceptional industry leaders, we have the resources and expertise to work with all types of sellers, whether they are looking to stay in the business or exit completely. Our aim is to build enduring relationships based on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment to success, and to help our partners achieve their goals and leave a lasting legacy in their respective industries. 


  • Recurring revenue 

  • Cash flow positive & growing for 3 years 

  • Low customer concentration 

  • Defensible market advantage with strong market position 

  • High customer retention 

  • Located in the United States 


  • B2B products & services 

  • Niche manufacturing 

  • Consumer goods 

  • Construction & real estate services 

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